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We create the best customer experience with the help of mobile technology. Our approach is to combine quality BA with UX and the best technological solutions.

    Key Benefits to work with Devlight

    Hire Silicon Valley caliber at half the cost
    Hire the top 1% of 1 million+ developers from 150+ countries who have applied to Turing.

    100+ skills available
    Hire React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, DevOps, ML, Data Engineers, and more.

    Zero risk
    If you decide to stop within two weeks, you pay nothing.

    Learn more
    years on market
    created products
    users impacted
    team members

    Why work with Devlight

    5+ hours of tests and interviews
    More rigorous than Silicon Valley job interviews. We test for 100+ skills, data structures, algorithms, systems design, software specializations & frameworks.
    Seniority tests
    We select excellent communicators who can proactively take ownership of business and product objectives without micromanagement.
    Daily updates
    Turing’s workspace gives you even more visibility into your remote developer’s work with automatic time tracking & virtual daily stand-ups.
    Easy to manage
    High visibility makes Turing developers easy to manage and ensures that they constantly work on what’s most valuable to you.
    Match your timezone
    Our developers match your time zone and overlap a minimum of 4 hours with your workday.

    Conditions & benefits

    Quick start

    Immediate availability of the provided resources

    Unlimited technology stack

    We are covering 100+ IT Technologies

    Hourly rate or fixed monthly payment

    Pay only for actual worked hours

    Work by your rules

    Work with the developer by the rules of the Company in line with your own project management


    Dedicated Talent Management throughout the entire project

    Fast delivery

    Up to 7 days resorce delivery time

    No minimum or maximum time commitment

    Involve the developer from several hours up to 12 months

    Part-time or full-time involvement

    Choose the best option for your project


    Stop the work of the developer to engage a new one at any time

    High Quality Standarts and legal guarantees

    All our developers sign an Non-Disclosure Afreement

    How to hire app developers



    The first step of our hiring process is the candidate’s CV review. Then, an HR specialist invites the selected specialists to an online interview to tell them about the firm and the position. This interview also aims to assess the software developers’ soft skills.


    English level assessment

    The second step of the hiring process is the English language evaluation. Our higly-trained in-house English teacher assesses both candidates’ grammar knowledge and speaking skills, as we are looking for mobile app developers who can communicate well with clients.


    Tech interwiev

    These interviews are carried out by our senior developers, team leads, and project managers who are experts in their domain. They evaluate each mobile app programmer’s tech knowledge and problem-solving skills through various theoretical as well as practical tasks.


    Final interview with you

    As a quality-first firm, our aim is to provide you with the most suited app development professionals. At the fourth stage, we will present you a list of several mobile app software engineers, so you can interview them and choose those you see fit for your project.

    Reliable talent for your needs

    Business Analysys
    Project management
    UX/UI design


    As the name implies, the main duty of an iOS developer is to create iOS apps. In fact, the range of iOS developer responsibilities goes beyond writing quality code and includes:

    • Development and maintenance of native SDK
    • Design and development of advanced iOS apps
    • Collaboration with team members and customer representatives to avoid misunderstanding and determine project requirements and priorities


    Professional Android developers can help you with custom Android app building, custom Android app design, cross-platform development, Android tablet app development, Android wearable app development, app updating and maintenance, Google Play Store release, etc.:

    • Design and development of advanced Android apps
    • Unit-testing and troubleshootings
    • Collaboration with team members and customer representatives to avoid misunderstanding and determine project requirements and prioritie

    Business Analysis

    Business analysis is a function of understanding the nuances of a particular business, finding out the best way to optimize the business and recommending the results improve the business performance:

    • Identify business trends based on internal and market data to help with company forecasting
    • Develop business plans for internal projects to meet forecasted goals
    • Produce reports based on trends to deliver to all company stakeholders

    Project management

    The Project Manager has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of your project.

    • We understand the client business challenges and needs
    • Most popular and effective project management methodologies
    • Managing Risks and Issues

    UI/UX Design

    As the name implies, the main duty of an iOS developer is to create iOS apps. In fact, the range of iOS developer responsibilities goes beyond writing quality code and includes:

    • Transform the whole business ecosystem and sales approach
    • Transform the whole business ecosystem and sales approach
    • Humanize your technology

    Areas of Responsibility

    • Resource planning, development of team formation
    • Staff motivation and personal development plan
    • HR & best practice delivery processes
    • SDLC process management
    • Staff replacement and knowledge transfer
    • Provision of standard office, security and IT infrastructure
    • End-to-end product ownership, including backlog management
    • Overall product roadmap, priorities & strategy
    • Acceptance criteria & acceptance process ownership
    • Support for governance framework – feedback and review
    • End-to-end quality & delivery ownership

    Choose the hirinng model

    Monthly Contract

    If you have a small project that requires quick implementation, we will select the appropriate specialists who will effectively implement all the tasks.

    Part-time and full-time engagement
    Monthly billing
    Pay only for completed tasks
    Dedicated team
    Fixed Price Contract

    This model is suitable for large projects requiring the development and maintenance of functionality. We can sign a contract for any necessary period of time.

    No hidden fees
    Clear deadlines and budget
    A wide range of services
    Enhanced communications
    Hourly Rate Model

    This type of collaboration serves the purpose of undefined projects or companies seeking long-term partnerships. You only pay for the hours worked by the developer.

    No hidden fees
    Part-time and full-time engagement
    Monthly billing
    Pay only for completed tasks


    Tell us the skills you need and we’ll find the best developer for you in days, not weeks.

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    Our resumes help you know your next specialist better. Explore their strengths and weaknesses with our Profiles and decide if they are a good fit for your team.

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