Pocket Doctor

2017 - 2018
Medical solution
IOS, Android, UI/UX

We have created a unique product, i.e. medical mobile application offering medical solutions and assisting the communication between patients and doctor or private health care facility.

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Project summary

A unique solution based on the inspiration principles and the latest innovative technologies in medical sphere. The mobile application has become the element of the full-featured products' ecosystem making human life easier and better.

Always nearby

Pocket Doctor helps to solve the health problems digitally in the quick and convenient way.

Via smartphone each patient gets an opportunity to get in touch with the doctor, track his statistic data easily, keep documentation in electronic form, compile personal calendar and save all the personal medical information in one place.


One of the user mobile application's key units. The user profile serves as the core coordinating all user's actions. The patient creates a profile for him/herself or several ones for the relatives, and gets the opportunity to find out all the necessary health information immediately.

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Medical record

We made it possible to form the personal electronic medical record in a quick and convenient way. The patient can add the general information, save and control medical summary, vaccination list, as well as add the allergies and diagnoses list, which existed previously only in an uncomfortable paper form.


The user can add scanned copies of the real documents - the passport, insurance, health care institution forms with no need to visit doctor or clinic personally. This information will be enough to understand the image of client's person, give health advice, and recommendations.



Convenience and consistency are the main distinctive features characterising our mobile solution. Each patient can form a personal calendar, create and look through the arrangements to visit the doctor, choose desired day and time, generate event lists for the scheduled interval.


The doctor and the user get complete statistics. The patient can track his/her body measurement fluctuation, monitor blood pressure, cholesterol level, glucaemic level and other important vital indications.


The world moves to Big Data. Having doctor’s and patient’s information we form the general picture and provide “essential machine learning”. It takes just a few minutes for machine to perform the actions no human being was able to do before. As a result, we determine the precise diagnosis or treatment recommendations for the patient.


The user obtains treatment recommendations, frequency of visits, samples, examinations, diet, contraindications and permitted activities. All the recommendations are synchronized with the calendar.


We have provided streaming and correspondence of the information. There is no need to wait, the patient should just write to his personal online-consultant and have his question answered by the expert immediately.

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