User application
IOS, Android, UI/UX

Main goal

Create a flexible logistical instrument, letting partner-companies find new orders, plan them and report about the results.


Project summary

Movinga is the largest dynamically developed shipping internet provider, whose services have become popular and faced significant growth in Europe. Movinga has been working successfully in France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Creation of a mobile application for partner-companies, letting them easily take and track orders by means of interactive
map in real time mode. With the help of calendar partners are able to plan their routes in both sides, increasing their profit.
Partner’s profile allows shipping companies to see the statistics of their shipments, amount of earned money, as well as their service assessment made by their clients.

02-2 Calendar
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Transportation planning

A simple order list with detailed information, where transport operator can easily understand whether the order is interesting for him or not:

• the order list;
• the convenient calender and transportation schedule;
• the map with the orders display.

Schedule generation

Detailed and incredibly convenient information list about:

• start of working time;
• the object address the transportation should start from;
• the object square and its characteristics.

Transportation information

  • detailed information, including contacts, data about content and location of things delivery;

  • transportation problems reporting;

  • detailed description with photos for the damaged things;

  • a call to the customer support team.


Settings designed for user
and necessary statistic:



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