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  • crypto currency growth graph;
  • current rate;
  • currency purchase and selling;
  • private account balance;
  • operation history.
We provided the user with the access to the most popular exchange currencies - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc.
Currency in the application

Project Summary

Exrates project was being developed for more than a year and made allowance for all the errors and bugs of alike services. We took into consideration the best experience of our colleagues, users’ recommendations, and, of course, our own experience to make the service complete, reliable, safe, and comfortable for every participant.

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Convenient UX

We involved experienced stock systems users and other assistants to guarantee a convenient usability. Our work resulted in
high-quality efficient concept, enabled to be altered in accordance with new stock market tendencies.


Track real-time and historical bitcoin and either price with price charts functionality.

Buy & sell

An opportunity to exchange not only heavyweights currencies such as Bitcoin but the original perspective cryptocurrency such as EDRCoin directly from your ExRates account. Possibilities to refill/withdraw and exchange USD, EUR, RUR, UAH, CNY to cryptocurrency.

Maximum security

At project developing stage we have anticipated and corrected all potential errors, which could have broken data security, users’ personal information and access to the accounts (financial password), input/output security, and, which is of utmost importance,
cryptocurrency and fiat currency security.

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