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Safety and comfort for cyclists

What do you associate most with childhood walks? The majority will answer that it’s a bike. For some people, it becomes an integral part of adult life. Besides, over the past few years, bicycles have become more than a means of entertainment and sports: now it’s the most convenient, eco-friendly and economical mode of transport.

Every day a huge number of people use bikes for various purposes: children, walking with friends; travelers, going on bicycle tours; office staff, moving around the city; athletes for training. The most important thing they all need is security.

To help cyclists and protect them from all sorts of accidents have become the main goals of the U.S.-Israeli startup Roadwarez. Its founders create accessories (backpacks, sweatshirts, waistcoats) with integrated LED panels that signal the cyclist’s manoeuvres while riding and increase their safety level on the roads. As Roadwarez and Devlight wanted to bring maximum benefit and value to the end users, they decided to develop a mobile app.

+ 90K users

Download the app after release

+ 5.5K ratings

More than 5.5 thousand ratings, 1 thousand of which with comments


Professional cyclist


The lack of accessible accessories that could improve the safety of cyclists on the road


Create comfortable and affordable accessories that would bring the safety and visibility of the cyclist to the next level


Although Roadwarez teams are located in Europe, Israel, the U.S., Hong Kong, and Ukraine, they managed to build internal communications and optimize joint work.

The first thing the team had to do was to set up a high-quality and continuous connection between the accessories and the mobile app. It was required to make the LEDs on the backpacks and waistcoats clearly show the cyclist’s maneuvers while riding. Therefore, the Devlight team used Bluetooth technology and configured everything in such a way that the signals from the app to the accessories module arrive without delay. Thus, they always display relevant information.



Voice control

The key idea of the project was to provide cyclists with safety and convenient accessory management. Based on this, the team concluded that it was necessary to optimize user interaction ways with the mobile app during the trip. Therefore, it was decided to add voice control by using SiriKit and Google Voice technologies. It was also decided to make voice assistants work on a permanent basis for a long time, the team found a solution to resume periodically listening to microphones using SiriKit and Google Voice.
Voice control

Automatic accessories control and safe route

By specifying the starting and ending points of the trip, the app automatically builds the most optimal and safe route: taking into account the existence of bike lanes, and avoiding highways and autobahns. Automatic control timely displays all the turn signals on the accessories and, what is more important, activates the brake light when the cyclist slows down or stops.
Automatic accessories control and safe route

Emergency mode

Each user of the app can add close people who will have access to the information about his/her movements. In case of a hit or fall, the app uses a gyroscope and accelerometer to determine that the cyclist may have been in an emergency and sends about it notifications to close people. Moreover, users can add a specific phone number on which will be sent a warning message in case of emergency mode.
Emergency mode

Ability to add friends

By adding friends, users can track their movements online. Thanks to this, each user can find company because riding with friends is much more fun, and safer.
Ability to add friends

Innovation and development

Location tracking requires a constant Internet connection. Route planning is carried out using the Google Maps API service. Therefore, the main tasks of the Devlight team were to optimize the interaction with the map service, as well as to reduce the consumption of the user Internet traffic. The team has configured everything in such a way that the mobile app uses only coordinates to track movements. Addresses are loaded only when the user saves a specific route. Since the app transmits only the necessary minimum of information, both user’s costs for the Internet and startup’s for using Google services are reduced.



Startup Roadwarez and the Devlight team constantly monitor technology innovations. To keep the user experience at a high level, they periodically conduct a design session and plan new functionality, as well as improve the firmware of accessories. Users have the ability, and accessory updates as the interactions between them happen via Bluetooth.

Project findings

Startup Roadwarez together with the Devlight team created an innovative solution for such a socially important subject as cyclist safety. During the development and presentations, the project received a lot of positive feedback. Now the startup is raising funds on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The primary emphasis was placed on high-quality app implementation. Teams created a unique and useful product that helps to reduce the number of the accidents on the roads. Due to this, not only cyclists feel more confident and safer but also drivers can prevent possible incidents.