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All payments in one application

The emergence of the Internet has become one of the biggest events, which greatly influenced the lives of people. We have access to unlimited information: the ability to communicate with people from different countries at any time; opportunity to watch educational and entertaining videos. This list goes on and on.

One such provision is the online payment service Portmone. Using it, anyone can pay a communal bill, replenish an account or transfer money to someone, all in the comfort of their own home.

+90K customers

Active every month

+5.5K ratings

More than 5.5 thousand ratings, 1 thousand of which with comments


Small and medium business


The current mobile application of the company is obsolete since it was developed at a time when there were almost no such solutions.


There was a need for a visual upgrade and expansion of the functionality to keep existing clients, and attract new users.

Creating a prototype

The team held a number of product sessions. Based on the customer’s business tasks, we identified the main functions of the intended application. Since the creation of the prototype took place in stages, the team approved the schedule of work.

Gradually, some of the current functions were transferred to the new application, additional ones were added, and a design was also developed.


The creators of Portmone wanted to keep old users and attract new ones. Therefore, the Devlight team was tasked with creating the most useful functionality.


Simplified registration process

The team decided to simplify the registration process to speed up the flow of new users
Simplified registration process

Created templates for payments

Template functionality helps users quickly pay for various services and receive notifications that the term of service payment is already valid
Created templates for payments

Added section “Profile”

The profile enabled the user to quickly change the tariff plan and payment region, as well as to implement the security settings of the application.
Added section “Profile”

Added section “Payment cards”

The user was able to store payment cards of different banks in one place and quickly use them
Added section “Payment cards”

Product Review

The Devlight team, together with the creators of Portmone, led an iterative Product Review. Based on user reviews in the Play Market and the App Store, generating new ideas. So, the teams decided to implement Masterpass functionality in the application. This is now in development.

Tools and Services

An application can be called qualitative and useful if it contains the functions needed by the user. In order to determine them as accurately as possible, the team used the following services:

Firebase Analytics
Firebase Analytics
Allowed to analyze the distribution of notifications and conversion of payments
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Allowed to track all user actions in the application and identify the most popular functions.
Allowed to divide users into cohorts and personalize offers for each of them as much as possible.

Project Conclusions

New application interface simplified user interaction with it. Customers received a quality tool that meets their needs. This, in turn, had a positive effect on the number of transactions and the company’s profits.

Thanks to the implementation of push notifications, users were able to find out in time about all offers and promotions. Accordingly, the Portmone service received not only more loyal users but also a large number of new ones.

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