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Mobile app for delivery service

The 2013 year. The excitement around the creation of mobile apps continues. The company “Nova Poshta” is the №1 service for express deliveries in Ukraine, picks up the trend and launches their app. The first version has several important features, but the main is “Packages tracking.” At that time, the app is actively used by approximately 150,000 customers.

The rapid technology development and the growing mobile apps popularity cause changes in user requirements. “Nova Poshta” focuses on providing maximum customers comfort  and always looks for new ways to improve their product. Thus, the company decides to replace the old version of the app. The challenge is how to develop the most modern and functional app that will simplify the process of sending and receiving packages, as well as become the company’s branding element.

1st place

Two years in a row an application ranks first in Google Play in the Business Applications category

+ 100K ratings

More than 100 thousand ratings, 20 thousand with comments


Small and medium business


The absence of a modern tool that could become another channel of communication with the client and the branding element.


To make the sending process for the company’s clients as simple and convenient as possible. Decrease the load upon branches.

The development process


The primary analysis

The process of product creation that can satisfy users the most is primarily based on the study of their demands. To create innovative solutions, it was necessary to use an integrated approach: we fully immersed ourselves into the business processes of the company, and studied the pain of potential users. Collectively with "Nova Poshta," the Devlight team performed the initial analysis of the old version of the app, and conducted interviews with the target audience.

The development of the required functionality

Based on the analysis, we discovered that 65% of customers mostly use only one feature “Tracking.” It sets the course for further app transformation. The team developed a concept, the idea of which was not just to modify the app and make its usage for users easier but also to simplify some business processes within the company.

The formation of beta

Before the implementation of a fully-fledged app, developers created its prototype to test all processes. The team completely changed the basic feature “Tracking” to facilitate this process for users (they don’t need to re-enter the consignment note number each time they want to track the package). The app automatically downloads data about all packages and operations to the user's personal account. It becomes a unique feature of the app, which helps "Nova Poshta" to stand out from the competitors. Due to this, the number of active users has increased by 350 000 customers in the first year.

The team improved the app and complemented the functionality provoking a sharp increase in the number of downloads.
After the appearance of the "Express consignment note creation" feature, the number of users increases by 300,000. The ability to bind a bank card and pay for the package becomes the reason for the registration of even more customers. Also, these two functions give the so-called impetus for small and medium-sized businesses: they willingly start to use the mobile app and thereby optimize the orders sending process.

Analytical tools

to make the "Nova Poshta" such an app that can totally meet users requirements and figure out what else should be changed, the team decided to add Google Analytics, as well as to use the functionality of the Firebase platform.

Using Google Analytics, the team tracked users’ actions to understand which features were the most popular among them. With the help of Firebase they studied the conversion of payments and users’ reaction to push notifications. They used Dynamic Links functionality; carried out A/B testing (two versions of the app which differ in one element are tested. It helps to determine which one is better). According to this research it became clear what features should be replaced or added.

After some time, the project team used the BigQuery service: they set specific parameters in the app that helped to track users’ actions in more detail. Received data allowed the formation of user groups. It helped the marketing department to better understand the economic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics of each group, and create a personalized offer that best meets their needs.


With the rapid growth of mobile app users, increases the number of reviews. Customers are the best advisers for further products improvements. Based on their comments and gathered analytics the Devlight team collectively with the digital products development department of “Nova Poshta" generate new ideas for the next improvement. They decided to make the "Online payment" feature even more convenient for users by integrating Masterpass. It provokes another increase in the users' number.


New and useful features make the "Nova Poshta" app an indispensable tool for both ordinary users and owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Since its representatives account for 25% of the total number of users, they form a fairly large part of the company's revenue. It has a positive effect on the company revenue and workflow. The new features reduce the workload on staff, scale down the cost on SMS sending, and the manufacture of plastic cards. In addition, it simplifies the operation of receiving and sending packages.

Tools and Services

Firebase Analytics
Firebase Analytics
Allowed to analyze the distribution of notifications and conversion of payments
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Allowed to track all user actions in the application and identify the most popular functions.
Firebase Analytics
Firebase Analytics
Allowed to divide users into cohorts and personalize offers for each of them as much as possible.
Allowed to communicate quickly and conveniently with the user of the mobile application
Allowed to innovate and conveniently interact with users in the offices


The mobile app implementation causes the company’s internal processes transformation. This app becomes one of the main tools that help “Nova Poshta” to be a technological leader in the logistics services market. The ability to independently perform all necessary actions to send or receive packages in one app significantly increased customer loyalty and the number of app users.

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